tiistai 20. lokakuuta 2009

Autumn colour

So sorry that I have been so quiet lately, but I have been busy with few other things. Been doing some computer work and as I am still recovering and not able to do horribly much, I had to let the blogging go for a while. Tough decision, but had to be made :-) For the same reason I am writing this post only in English, anteeksi vain kaikki suomalaiset blogiystävät, as posting requires slightly less typing this way ;-)

Anyway, I do not know what it is, but from time to time I start to yearn for some colour! Just when I got our living room almost "tranquil", I decided I wanted a little splash of colour. To cheer me up perhaps? I remembered we had these Matryoshka dolls tucked away somewhere and decided to put them on display. My husband was quite pleased about this as he inherited them from his granny and said he's always liked them, ever since he was a little boy. And I think they look quite cute too :-)

At least our kitchen is never lacking colour with its deep red cabinet doors and drawer fronts, which by the way are still the original ones from the 1920's :-)

From the indoors to outdoors. Some lovely autumn colour from our garden. I have to say Hortensia looks pretty even when the blooming time is over. And absolutely can not remember the name of the other plant :-)

Have a nice week you all! :-)