keskiviikko 22. huhtikuuta 2009

Knocking on summer's door

What a glorious weather it has been. Things are changing so rapidly in our garden that I should have to post almost every day in order to keep up with the progress. I swear you can almost HEAR the plants grow. Our patio is pretty much finished now and almost all summer blooming flowers have been planted. This year I was suppose to plant only white flowers, but as I am VERY impatient, things did not work out quite as I initially planned. I will show you the results of my impatience later...

Our small cherry tree is blooming handsomely this year. Fingers crossed we get to taste some cherries before birds eat them all. Last year birds got to them before we did...

Strawberries are blooming already. We grow them in few small pots on our patio, so our crop is not huge, but it is very tasty :-)

lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Spring pictures

It has been a while since my last post. Here are few spring pictures from our garden. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, so we have spent most our time outdoors. Today it was really warm, I reckon around +20C! My partner has been working hard under my supervision (wink wink) doing some small changes in the garden and some bigger ones on our patio.

Vastaukseni Olivienon kysymykseen tulee valtavalla viiveellä... Ilman muuta tulemme kesällä Suomeen! Parin viikon kesäloma Suomessa on sellainen asia josta ei tingitä, ei sitten millään. Lentoliput on jo ostettu :-)

Wishing you all Happy Easter! Hyvää Pääsiäistä! Prettige Paasdagen!

I also want to thank Alexandra from Objets de Charme for this heart warming award. Dank je wel :-)