perjantai 26. kesäkuuta 2009

Maalauspuuhissa jälleen

Ruokailuhuoneessa sijaitseva laatikostomme on saanut valkoisen maalipinnan (sama maali kuin tuoleissa ja kaapissa). Teimme siitä tarkoituksella hieman kuluneen näköisen. Edellinen öljytty puupinta ei oikein sopinut yhteen uuden ilmeen saaneen ruokapöytämme kanssa, joten päädyimme tähän ratkaisuun. Tai olisihan tuo mies pystynyt elämään edellisenkin ratkaisun kanssa, mutta minä en ;-) Lopultakin voin sanoa että olen tyytyväinen. Pieni ruokailuhuoneemme tuntuu nyt paljon avarammalta ja valoisammalta. Yhtä seinää pitäisi vielä maalata, mutta se projekti voi odottaa jonkin aikaa.

Lämmintä ja aurinkoista viikonloppua kaikille! Nautitaan ihanasta kesästä :-)

torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2009

Trip to Berlin

Last week we were in Berlin and had a great time (this was my first time there). Berlin is a fantastic city to photograph, especially black & white works really well with the atmosphere and the buildings. We took close to 1000 photos (!!) during our stay, which is staggering. So you can imagine the selection below is just a wee drop in the ocean...

The sheer size of Berlin was almost daunting at first. I have lived in London but I have to say London feels like a small town compared to Berlin, and I am not kidding. The main reason we went to Berlin was to see a gig of my favourite band, Depeche Mode, at the Olympic Stadium. The gig was fantastic and what an experience to sing, wave hands, applaud and cheer together with about 80 000 other fans.

Berlin impressed me in so many different ways. The locals were incredibly friendly, food was good and so amazingly cheap, not to mention German beer and wine, public transportation worked like a dream etc. So all in all our trip was exhausting but definitely worth it and some day we will go there again.

Reichstag Parliament building

Reichstag Parliament building (detail)

Brandenburg Gate (detail)

Brandenburg Gate (detail)

Berlin Frankfurter Tor

Graffiti on the Berlin Wall (detail)

maanantai 1. kesäkuuta 2009

New beginnings

During the past few days we have been enjoying the gorgeous summery weather, although I have to admit today it was a bit too hot for my liking. Perhaps it is that Nordic blood of mine... can not handle the heat. Should not be complaining though, I love the summer :-)

Then to other things. There has been a lot of changes happening in our lives this year, mostly very unexpected ones. Me and my partner have been busy brainstorming and planning (or re-planning) our future. I am starting to think this year is all about new beginnings. There might even be career changes on the horizon and all sorts of new exciting opportunities to explore.

When you are put face to face with an uncertain future, for whatever reason, I reckon the most important thing is to remain positive. My grandmother always used to tell me I was born under lucky stars and I would like to think she was right. Time will tell, but for now we are having fun brainstorming and daydreaming.

I hope your week will be filled with sunshine!