torstai 10. huhtikuuta 2008

Ready for the challenge?

I am taking part of a challenge set by Anja from My New Classic Home. The aim is to hunt down "treasures" from second hand shops and then present them on your blog during the following week. I certainly did not waste much time as this is my first "treasure". I popped at 't Gemakje in Leiden yesterday and found this pretty coral.
I would like to point out that we all should be worried about what is happening to coral reefs all over the world, especially the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They are very important part of our ecological system and should be well protected. This coral was already dead when it was taken out. I definitely do not want to encourage people to destroy reefs by ripping parts out of them.

4 kommenttia:

mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Koralli sopii oikein hyvin näiden tavaroiden joukkoon:)

Anja kirjoitti...

Beautiful coral! The difference in white-tones is really great to see. I haven't heard from 't Gemakje before. Is it a trip worth while?

Thanks for posting and playing along!

M. kirjoitti...

Nature offers us a very large variety of beautiful decorations! The beauty here is in its simplicity and its shape. I do like it. Groetjes, Marjolijn

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

't Gemakje is definately worth a visit. It is a very small and packed full with mainly white painted furniture imported from Belgium and France plus all sorts of knick knack. The address is Diefsteeg 8 in Leiden.