tiistai 8. huhtikuuta 2008

Blogging awards

Yesterday I received this award from Marja from Rosabeer. What a nice surprise. Dank je wel Marja :-D There is an enormous amount of lovely inspiring blogs out there. I discover new ones (new to me) all the time. I can hardly wait to be able to explore them all properly. Something to look forward to.
There are many blogs I would like to give this award to, but it looks like most of the blogs I visit have already received this award. But I am more than happy to pass on this award to My Treasure Box. That is truly a blog with a purpose :-)

3 kommenttia:

Marianne kirjoitti...

Congratulations. Feels nice to receive an award like that, doesn´t it. You sure deserve this one.
Greetings, M

Mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Ihan samaa mielt� Mariannen kanssa.Blogisi ansaitsee t�m�n huomionosoituksen:)

amanda kirjoitti...

Yay!!! Congratulations and Thank you!!!! This is my first award! It is so very special coming from you!!! You always brighten my day - I love to visit your blog!