perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2008

Choosing curtain fabrics

Oh what a difficult job it can be to choose fabric for curtains. I want to get new curtains to our dining room as once the furniture has gone through their makeover, our old curtains will not do anymore. I collected few fabric samples today and now I am drawn between two options (beige and blue). I can not seem to be able to decide, I like them both so much... Wish me luck.

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Mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Voihan vehnä!Molemmat,beige sekä sininen ovat tosi hyvät.Olisiko beige pitemmän päälle kuitenkin "turvallisempi" valinta?Valkoinen (kalusteet),sininen (seinän kuvio) ja beiget verhot,taitaapi kyllä olla paras yhdistelmä.Ihania kankaita nämä kaikki ovat:)

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

Juu, kyllä mekin olemme pikkuhiljaa kallistumassa beigen suuntaan. Nyt illalla keinovalossa beige näyttää piirun verran paremmalta ja sen vaalea kuvio erottuu paremmin.

amanda kirjoitti...

Oh how beautiful! They are all wonderful, but I LOVE the blue - it looks so rich and luxurious!

Good luck deciding!

Marianne kirjoitti...

They are truly wonderfull, both of them. Show us the room they are going to hang in, and maybe we can help you decide whether to go with the blue or the beige.

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

There are few pictures of our dining room in my earlier posts (January-February).

Current situation is going to change drastically. Every single piece of furniture is going to look different once we have sanded and waxed/painted them. Furniture is going to be a combination of white and warm honey coloured wood.

Anja kirjoitti...

Beige, beige beige!!! Always beautiful, both in summer and winter. In winter together with dark brown, and other "chocolate" colours, in spring and summer with cream and whites... won't that be lovely? :)

Lilla Blanka kirjoitti...

Wow, beautiful fabrics!
Oh I know the feeling, not being able to´s hard. I would have chosen the white or the beige under the white, but that´s because they fit in with the rest of my things. I thing you will choose the one which is right for you. They are all lovely!
Best trick for me to do if I´m shilly-shally is to feel with the heart, not practical or economical but to let the heart decide...that works best for me :)
Wishing you good luck!
Oh..I have missed a LOT of posts I see..
The coral is absolutely beautiful..!
Hihi I got a white orchid today from a friend as a thank you for giving them my piano. I hope I can keep it alive :)
The interior of your mom's house is beautiful..! And it sounds like
my mom *hihi* always moving things aroundf, re-arranging :)
Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Merja K kirjoitti...

Which one did you choose? They both are so beautiful :)

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

We chose the beige fabric and I ordered the curtains today. We liked the blue a lot but I think beige/white combination suits our colour scheme better. It is also easier to combine with other colours.

Something White kirjoitti...

I haven't been here for more than a week and I find again lots of pretty pictures! That blue fabric is my favourite, but it's true that beige is an 'easier' colour as it fits with many other colours; blue doesn't. Wonderful choice for a rich fabric and nice pattern!