perjantai 28. joulukuuta 2007

A peek into our living room

Our "picture wall". We love art, but unfortunately we do not have enough wall space for all the paintings, etchings etc. we own. But still we keep on buying more and more. We see a nice piece that we both like and end up coming home with it. Also, my father-in-law is an amateur artist and a very good one I must say, so of course we get artworks from him on a regular basis, which is very nice.

We love this Asian cabinet, found from the local antique shop Hoet's Antiek. It is very beautiful, but also practical, as it keeps our electrical equipment (stereo etc.) hidden away. The artwork was bought from an art gallery in Haarlem few years ago.

The table lamp we got from Ikea, very cheap. It goes surprisingly well with our old Chinese statue, which I bought from an antiques fair in The Hague.

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mimosamamma kirjoitti...

HYVÄN näköinen kokonaisuus:aasialainen kaappi,tv-taso ja grafiikka!Kaunista kaunista kaunista!!!