lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2007

Another peek into our living room

Our tiny living room from another angle. The couch needs to be renewed, quite desperately. It is such a shame we do not have space for a huge comfortable couch. We have 4 doors and a big window in our living room. With only one unbroken wall furnishing this room is quite a challenge.

The white door leads to a small cellar, which is more like a pantry, and the beige door leads into our kitchen.

We are planning to paint the table white, but perhaps leave the top as it is. We will see. We are also planning to replace those two small mirrors with one big mirror, to make the wall look less "cluttered". The artwork on the right is made by my father-in-law.

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mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Edellinen kommenttini,minne lie katosi?...Voi että on kaunista!Ja pöytä on hyvä näin.Hiukan kulahtanut,mutta please,älkää maalatko.Valkoinenkin pöytä sopisi tuonne tosi hyvin mutta ei näitä "reissussa rähjääntyneitä" ehkä,luulisin..kannata maalata...
Iso peili voisi olla hyvä mutta niin ovat nämä kaksi pienempääkin:)