torstai 27. joulukuuta 2007

Mr & Mrs Piggy

So Christmas came and went, once again. It is funny how I wait for Christmas for months and then it is over so quick. All that anticipation and decoration and then wooosh, you blink and it is all over. Especially this year it seemed to go even faster, as I had to work on Christmas Eve, for the first time ever. Felt quite odd.

We have been stuffing ourselves with nice food, wine and chocolate, loads of chocolate. I reckon we feel (and most likely also LOOK) like Mr & Mrs Piggy, without wings of course. What can I say... we can resist anything but temptation ;-)

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mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Minulle joulussa on ihaninta sen odotus,kodin "koristeleminen",(aloitan ne askareet jo marraskuussa) sekä yleensä etukäteen tunnelmoiminen.Joulu kun on tosiaan hujauksessa ohi niin siitä täytyy yrittää nauttia etukäteen mahdollisimman paljon:)