maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2008

In the pink

In clothing my favourite colour is black, but our garden looks prettier in pink. Our patio is separated from our neighbour's patio by a simple concrete wall. Plain concrete can look quite dull, so few years ago we painted the wall pink (and my boyfriend chose the colour!). You should see people's faces when they lay their eyes on our pink wall for the first time ;-) Perhaps not everyone's cup-of-tea, but we like the cheerfulness of it and pink goes well with green. If we ever want to change it, all we need is some paint.

I love Clematis, we have several of them in our garden and hopefully have a wall of flowers soon. The Clematis above on the right is called Nelly Moser and the Clematis below with very delicate pale pink flowers is Clematis Montana.

Lawrenson's Pink which thrives gorgeously on the sunniest spot in our garden.

*Edit* actually the Clematis on the upper right picture is not Nelly Moser but "Capitaine Thuilleaux". It looks very much like Nelly Moser especially when the plant is young. The young Capitaine Thuilleaux also has large single petal flowers with a lighter edge and a darker pink center, but when it matures the flowers turn into double petal ones.

Thank you very much Carol for pointing out my mistake.

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jaana kirjoitti...

Ihania kukkia! Meillä ei vielä kuki juuri mikään :(

Kaappisi on todella kaunis!!!

mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Kyllä tuo pinkki oli hyvä ja persoonallinen valinta muuriin:)Kasvit,muratti ja kaikki kukkivat ihanuudet näytävät hyvältä sitä vasten,syntyy mukava kontrasti:)

rosabeer kirjoitti...

Hoi Katja,
Very nice the pink wall, beautiful with green and pink flowers.
Nice pictures off your garden.

Groetjes Marja

mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Moi taas!Onko tikkaat "oikeasti" noin ihanan kulahtaneet vai oletteko kenties edesauttaneet asiaa?

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

@Mimosamamma: Tikkaat ovat oikeasti noin kulahtaneet. Tulivat ikään kuin talon mukana, kuuluivat edelliselle asukkaalle joka jätti ne jälkeensä. Passar bra meille :-)

Anja kirjoitti...

I just love the pink - it lightens up the whole yard, I imagine. Think the little white lantern is just made to hang up there. By the way, you have a beautiful Nelly Moser. I still want to buy this one for my mom, since here first name is Nelly too.

Thanks voor the photo's!
Tot ziens!

Something White kirjoitti...

Well, this is a superb solution for a concrete wall. I'll give this tip to my sister-in-law who is always complaining about her dull concrete-wall in her garden!! This pink is so cheerful and goes very well with all the green. It seems like summer all the year over! :D

Carol kirjoitti...

Hi nice to meet you!
I popped over to thank you for your enjoyable comment you left on my blog and I'm delighted to find a fellow pink garden lover! Purple and Pink are my fave colors in the garden and I immeadetly fell in love with your pink wall! Oh and I love old wooden ladders too! That clematis in the second picture looks exactly like my Clematis Pilu. I have Clematis Nelly Moser blooming in my garden too and it is more white and pink striped, while my Pilu is more light and dark pink striped. If you like to see pictures have a look here:
So what do you think, may your Clematis not be a Pilu too rather than a Nelly Moser? I just wonder!
Best wishes from Germany sends

Ana. kirjoitti...

You were very original and daring to pick the color, but the result is very good, looks beautiful pink beside the green!
The plants are beautiful! I envy the weather!
Saludos, Ana!

IcePuppet kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for your comments.

@ Carol; thank you for noticing this Clematis was not Nelly Moser.

So many of these Clematises look soo alike. I'm getting confused. By the way we also have a Clematis Piilu in our garden :-)

Sandra... kirjoitti...

Your patio looks wonderful in pink! Green and pink make a lovely combination!
You make a great work and your husbund choose the correct colour!
Hugs from Argentina!