tiistai 6. toukokuuta 2008

A challenge postponed

I thought a small explanation is required. Some time ago I received and accepted a nice challenge from Jaana from Huvitusmaja (a lovely Finnish blog). However, there is a small bump on the road. I am still suffering of very bad neck and shoulder problems (called RSI) and I am relying on my boyfriend's help with all computer work. He has typed some Finnish for me, which is not easy for a Dutchman whose Finnish skills are next to zero. Bless him :-)

But this Finnish challenge is too much for him to handle. So as soon as I am able to do my own typing I will do the challenge. Trust me, this is so incredibly frustrating.

Also some time ago I received an award from Anu from Valloittava Valkoinen, another lovely Finnish blog. Thank you soo much.

2 kommenttia:

mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Ei ole valkoisen kukan voittanutta:))

jaana kirjoitti...

Voi miten ihanat kuvat sinulla taas! Ah, valkoiset kukat on Niiiiin ihania!!!

Älähän hättäile sen haasteen kanssa! Ja koetahan hoitaa niskasi kuntoon!