torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2008

Bedroom update

Ever since we bought the old mahogany mirror to the bedroom I have been looking for a matching lamp. In this case the modern silver lamp did not go at all. We found this old lamp from a small second hand shop in Haarlem. It needed a new lampshade and a new cord and now it fits perfectly (we still need to hide the cord a bit).

4 kommenttia:

M. kirjoitti...

This is a very cosy light. Even if the metal lamp is nice with a modern touch, the 'new old' one goes indeed much better with the mirror.

mimosamamma kirjoitti...

Uusi valaisin on ihan täydellinen peilin seuraksi.Kauniin valonkin se näköjään antaa:)

rosabeer kirjoitti...

I like the lamp by the mirror.
I bought an old lamp also by the cycleshop (don't now a better english word for kringloopwinkel) with some crystal.
Beatiful kitchen too with the old tiles and what a great father in law who made the open shelf.
Hartelijke groeten Marja.

me and alice kirjoitti...

Lovely lamp you bought for your mirror!
So you did got snow in easter as well? Here were we live it´s gone now, but you never now. It can start snowing tomorrow again.
love /Susanne from Sweden